Educational scholarships

Held every April

Download Application - BPW/Raleigh is currently accepting completed applications for the 2016 application process until April 5, 2016.

BPW/Raleigh scholarships are provided to outstanding area students seeking to further their education, advance their careers, or re-enter the workforce. Scholarship recipients receive a monetary award in the amount of $1,000 (USD) toward their education; applied toward tuition or other defined school expenses and will be paid to the school on the recipient’s behalf.
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APPLY NOW - deadline April 5, 2016: Download the BPW/Raleigh scholarship application.

$1000 Dr. Lois E. Frazier Scholarship (merit based)

Scholarship applicants are evaluated based on application materials and demonstration of:

    1. Completed application (essay, short answers, reference & scholastic record)

    2. Leadership
    3. Financial need and/or academic achievement
    4. Integrity
    5. Commitment to giving back (particularly to supporting other women)

BPW/Raleigh scholarships are not awarded to the same person in two consecutive years. All candidates must submit a completed BPW/Raleigh scholarship application.

What is expected of a BPW/Raleigh Scholarship Recipient?

BPW/Raleigh expects you to give forward and support others in their careers, work with integrity and pursue excellence.  We will ask the following of each recipient:

    • Attend the Scholarship award dinner in April if possible
    • Work with BPW/Raleigh to develop a profile for the our website to highlight your accomplishments and future goals
    • Maintain contact with BPW/Raleigh and keep us informed about your career and accomplishments

BPW/Raleigh Application Guidelines

    • Candidates can be female or male and must be currently enrolled (full or part-time) at an accredited college, university, or institution of higher education
    • Current high school students are not eligible to apply
    • Applicant must reside within the North Carolina counties of Wake, Durham, Orange, or Johnston (but can attend school outside the area)
    • Applicant should have a career plan after completion of schooling
    • Applicant must demonstrate a financial need and/or academic achievement
    • Applicants may be male or female
    • Applicant must be in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or higher)
    • Applicant must complete an application form provided by the Raleigh BPW Scholarship Committee
    • Applicant must submit an official transcript of scholastic record (copy acceptable)
    • Applicant must complete two of the four essay questions (no more than 150 words each) as stated on the application form
    • Applicant must submit one (1) reference letter on letterhead paper (where applicable)

BPW/Raleigh Scholarship Deadline

Completed Applications are due to by April 5, 2016. The BPW Scholarship Committee will screen all applications. A personal interview may be required. The winner will be notified by phone and presented the award at the BPW/Raleigh dinner meeting to be held April 28, 2015.

BPW/Raleigh Scholarship Payment

The scholarship will be payable to the school the recipient will attend at the beginning of the Fall term. The scholarship recipient must arrange for bills to be sent to BPW/Raleigh.

Questions? Contact

BPW/Raleigh is a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation.

ALSO -- BPW/NC Offers Educational Scholarships  APPLY NOW - deadline April 15, 2016

Each year, the North Carolina Business and Professional Women’s Foundation awards scholarships to help women in their pursuit of higher education.  Click here for information about the BPW/NC scholarship application.

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