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"You get to define the terms of your life." -- Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things

BPW Triangle develops a powerful network of leaders to advocate, educate, and cultivate connections.

Business and Professional Women (BPW/Triangle) scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding undergraduate and graduate women students who are seeking to further their education, advance their careers, or re-enter the workforce. Scholarship awards in the amount of $1,500 (USD) may be used towards tuition and fees, or other defined school-related expenses. Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the school on behalf of the scholarship recipient. Scholarship awards are not paid directly to the recipient.

BPW/Triangle scholarships are not awarded to the same person in any two-consecutive-year cycle. 

BPW/Triangle is currently accepting completed applications for the following scholarships:

Please note that an applicant to the BPW/Triangle Scholarship may also apply (separately) to the North Carolina BPW Scholarship.  

Click HERE to download the BPW/Triangle 2018 Scholarship Application.

Follow instructions below for completing the BPW/Triangle application. Please submit your completed 2018 application to: 

scholarship@bpwraleigh.org by MARCH 15, 2018

BPW/Triangle Application Guidelines

  • Candidate must be currently enrolled (full- or part-time) at an accredited college, university, or institution of higher education
  • Current high school students are not eligible to apply
  • Applicant must reside within the North Carolina counties of Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham or Johnston (but can attend school outside these areas)
  • Applicant should have a career plan after completion of schooling
  • Applicant must demonstrate a financial need and/or academic achievement
  • Applicant must be female
  • Applicant must be in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or higher)
  • Applicant must complete an application form provided by the Triangle BPW Scholarship Committee
  • Applicant must submit an official transcript of scholastic record (copy acceptable)
  • To apply for the need-based scholarship (Mary Edith Fox), financial assistance to obtain goal is required
  • The BPW/Triangle Scholarship Committee Members will screen and evaluate all applications. A personal interview with the applicant may be required. The scholarship winner will be notified by telephone and presented the award at the BPW/Triangle scholarship dinner meeting, which is scheduled May 24, 2018.

The Scholarship Review Committee will evaluate each application based on the following criteria:

    1. Completed application and supporting documents (official transcript of scholastic record, personal statement and current resume)
    2. Applicant’s leadership and integrity
    3. Applicant’s financial need and/or academic achievement
    4. Applicant’s commitment to give back to the community, especially in support of and advocacy for other women in their careers or educational pursuit

Expectations of a BPW/Triangle Scholarship Recipient

BPW/Triangle expects that each scholarship recipient:

    • Works with and promotes integrity in her profession or academic pursuit
    • Pursues excellence in her chosen career field and academic pursuit
    • Is a forward thinking leader in her chosen career
    • Advocates and actively cultivates support for other women in their chosen careers. 

BPW/Triangle requests that each scholarship recipient:

    • Attends the annual (May) scholarship award dinner meeting (if possible)
    • Collaborates with BPW/Triangle Board members to develop an academic and career profile for the organization’s Web site, highlighting accomplishments and goals
    • Maintains active communication with BPW/Triangle about career progress, achievement and accomplishments after receiving the scholarship award.

BPW/Triangle Scholarship Payment

The scholarship will be payable to the college or university that the recipient will attend at the beginning of the Fall term. The scholarship award is not paid directly to the individual recipient. The scholarship recipient must arrange for all invoices to be submitted to BPW/Triangle Treasurer.

Questions? Contact Scholarships and Grants Co-Chairs:  Ms. Linda Karolak at 919-383-4233  or  Dr. Donna M. Wilson, at 919-206-7325 or scholarship@bpwraleigh.org.

BPW/Triangle is a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation.

Contact: president@bpwtriangle.org

Mailing address: PO Box 1794, Cary, NC  27512

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