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Year: 2016

1January, 2016
Jan 12 BPW Raleigh Business Meeting - Members Only
Jan 17 NC Museum of Art: M. C. Escher and Leonardo da Vinci’s exhibits
Jan 23 BPW NC Board Meeting
Jan 26 BPW Dinner Event: Financial Fitness and Legacy Planning
Feb 09 BPW Meet the Board-Tuesday, February 9th
Feb 12 Reality Store:Signature Event
Feb 20 BPW Individual Development Program-Signature Event
Feb 27 BPW Raleigh Social Event: Videri Chocolate Factory Tour
Mar 08 BPW Virtual Business Meeting-Tuesday, March 8th
Mar 22 BPW Dinner Event: Women In Transition
Apr 04 BPW Night Out! Pizza with a Purpose
Apr 09 BPW Exploratory Meeting-Saturday, April 9th
Apr 12 BPW Virtual Business Meeting-Tuesday, April 12th
Apr 26 BPW Dinner Event: Salary Negotiations/Scholarship Recipient
May 11 BPW Business Meeting-Wednesday, May 11th
May 24 BPW Networking Mingle and Officer Installation Dinner
Jun 24 BPW/NC 2016 State Convention
Jul 16 BPW Triangle Board/Planning Meeting
Jul 30 BPW Cupcake Social - Saturday, July 30
Aug 09 BPW Virtual Business Meeting - August 9th
Aug 25 Sold Out - Kick-off Dinner Meeting: Change. The. Game. It's our Time BPW!
Sep 06 BPW Virtual Business Meeting - September 6th
Sep 08 BPW Triangle - Member Social
Sep 22 BPW Dinner Meeting: Living in the Fourth Wave of Feminism
Oct 08 BPW Business Meeting (in-person) - October 8th
Oct 12 BPW Triangle Mix & Mingle Social - Mez Contemporary Restaurant
Oct 27 Listen Up!! Hearing isn’t Always Understanding - BPW Monthly Dinner
Nov 01 BPW Virtual Business Meeting - November 1st
Nov 17 Twilight(s) and AndiSites: A Connected Life - BPW Dinner Meeting
Dec 10 Holiday Brunch & Gift Exchange - Let's Celebrate!!
Dec 13 BPW Virtual Business Meeting - December 13th
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